Are you looking for an alternative to traditional baking molds? You know those metal pans you use to bake everything from bread, to custards and quiches. The ones which can easily trap and burn excess ingredients. Oh, and they require cooling off before you can wash them, and even then, you’re left with dirty crusted overbaked food stuck inside and along the edges.   

What if we told you that you could skip the fuss of cleaning up after every bake. That you could present your baked items in a mold engraved with your logo. That this item can also be grabbed bare-handed straight out of the oven saving time. Oh, and that baking in these is the environmentally friendly option, this item is 100% organic and biodegradable created using 100% non-treated wood.

Have we piqued your interest yet? If you haven’t heard of them before these items we are talking about are called Panibois, wood baking molds

So, what exactly can you bake in Panibois?

It may be easier for us to just provide you with the few items you are unable to bake in Panibois, like a kitchen chair, for example. Instead, here's a look back at some of the wonderful recipes crafted by professional chefs. 

Wrapping up this introduction it’s safe to say that this year has been a great one, for Panibois especially, we have been working closely alongside chefs to create custom recipes exclusively for Panibois. Want to try baking in our molds without dishing out a ton of cash, we created individual discovery packs for each mold we offer. This lets you play around with your own recipes, or ours. We have videos, pdf recipes, and step-by-step guides available for each recipe.

Want the goods? You’ll find it below each image!


Video Recipes - By Caroline Achard

Note: Each mold comes with its own double-sided waterproof silicon liner, and the molds themselves are reusable

Fig and Pistachio Clafoutis - Octo 180
Created by chef Caroline Achard – Click the link to get the recipe

A simple and decadent clafoutis, this delicious dessert can be prepared in about an hour. Believe us when we say preparation is very simple; you add the ingredients together, whisk, and pour over figs. Pop it into the oven for one hour at 320° F and serve directly in Panibois. Everything, yes everything, is prepped, baked, and served in a single mold.


Sweet Potato Gratin - Prince
Created by Chef Caroline Achard – Click the link to get this recipe

We were a bit suspicious about such a simple recipe at first, yes sweet potatoes are delightful, but how could you step away from the traditional candied brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg sweet potatoes we always see around Thanksgiving time? Well, if you’re looking to shake up the table a bit, this recipe is for you. Not only does the cream add a delicious taste but the fresh sage completements everything so well. This is a magnificent recipe to introduce to your friends and family; believe us (we may have baked this a few times since we filmed).


Brioche with Pastry Cream and Chocolate Chunks - Octopuce
Created by chef Caroline Achard – Click the link to get this recipe

Creating any kind of recipe involving yeast can be a little bit disheartening. Many different independent variables can affect how well your final product is. For instance, temperature plays a huge role in the proofing process as well as yeast in mixtures and egg white temperatures. These can all affect how your brioche may turn out, however, when everything falls into place you’re left with a melt-in-your-mouth pastry.


Panibois Recipes - By Vincent Catala

Artisanal Bread and Herbs - Cocotte
Created by chef Vincent Catala – Click the link to get this recipe

Artisanal Bread and Herbs was the very first recipe created for us in Panibois, specifically our Cocotte baking mold. Not only was this recipe a huge learning process for both us and chef Vincent, but the final product speaks for itself. Yes, it looks beautiful and in addition the cocotte helps to facilitate moisture, so you’re left with a perfect bread.


Orange Puff Brioche Dough with Orange Blossom - Octopuce
Created by chef Vincent Catala – Click the link to get this recipe

If it isn’t apparent yet, Panibois is great for bakeries. Not only are you serving up perfect bread every time, but you are bypassing the cleaning you have to do, you can engrave your logo on the mold you bake and serve to customers, and the added artisanal flair is perfect for recent trends, and this orange puff brioche is no exception.


Crunchy Hazelnut Tart with Smoked Salted Praline - Mini Tart Ring
Created by chef Vincent Catala – Click the link to get this recipe

Yes, you can even produce amazing, and delicious tarts, using our miniate tart rings. With over 25 mold sizes and shapes the only limit is your creativity when you bake in Panibois. Imagine serving up a handheld to-go tart in a beautiful wooden baking mold or bringing this as a dessert to a family dinner, not only have you impressed your customers, friends, or family but you’ve also baked in a 100% environmentally friendly wooden mold.


What else?

This is far from all of the recipes that have been created by our professional chefs. If you're looking for more just click the "Inspire Me" section above. Remember, Panibois won't limit you when it comes to cooking or baking, in fact, it should enhance your creativity. We've seen classes based around creating a product specifically for our molds, we've seen bakeries and restaurants produce babka, pie, quiche, salads, dinner rolls, lasagna and more. Oh, and we can't forget the food trucks that prep, bake, and serve directly in an engraved Panibois. Want to gift your delicious treat to someone? Bake in a mold directly and wrap in a mold as a gift for friends and family as featured by Martha Stewart. With Panibois the sky's the limit.

Try out a sample pack today, get your hands on a discovery pack, or order a case wholesale and save some money. Have questions or concerns? Please comment below and we will get back to you!