Orange Puff Brioche Dough with Orange Blossom


From home cooks to executive chefs, hotels, and bakeries, Panibois makes it easy to prep, bake, and serve your favorite meals, breads or pastries; all in one easy to use mold. As you may know we here at Technobake were lucky enough to team up with cooking and pastry chef Vincent Catala. This month he has created a Brioche Feuilletée with Orange Confit for us here at Technobake! Follow us and Vincent Catala through this entire process, from prepping to baking in his Panibois octopuce (octoron 110) baking mold, to serving these delicious brioches. Follow and like us on Facebook and Instagram for updates and check back in each month for more delicious recipes curated by Chef Catala. Click to link to a downloadable PDF below if you'd like to add this to your recipe book, and as always enjoy.



Puff Brioche

  • 300g Flour Cake
  • 36g Crystal Sugar
  • 6g Salt
  • 90g Milk
  • 14g Yeast
  • 80g Whole Eggs
  • 36g Butter
  • Non-Melting Coarse Grain Sugar
  • 180g Butter Sheets

Orange Assets

  • Orange Confite
  • Orange Zest
  • Orange Blossom



    Brioche Mix

    • Mix the flour, sugar, salt, and 36g of butter together using a kitchen aid flat beater
    • Add the milk, eggs, and yeast before blending to obtain the mixture
    • Once mixed pull your dough out and leave the dough to rest
    • Knead the butter sheets to obtain a smooth and regular surface
    • Turn dough out onto a floured work surface
    • Roll into a rectangle approximately 4 mm thick and deposit the butter into the center and close like a book
    • Roll the dough away from you
    • Remove extra flour with a soft brush
    • Fold the dough by making a double turn (you should have 4 layers)
    • Let rest for 2 hours and repeat this process
    • Rest again for 2 hours and do another double turn to finish

    Roll Out

    • Roll out the dough and arrange your orange zest and candied oranges throughout
    • Pinch and roll the dough into a tight circle (like rolling a blanket)
    • Cut to 80g blocks and place into your octopuce wood baking mold
    • Let proof inside the mold for 35 minutes
    • Sprinkle non-melting coarse grain sugar
    • Place the entire mold into the oven and bake for 30 min at 350 °F

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