Table top chocolate melters have been specifically designed for melting and tempering smaller volumes of chocolate couverture. This easy-to-use equipment makes melting and tempering chocolate a very easy and controllable process.

Dry Heat

Mol d’Art are chocolate melting devices that have been crafted to handle your chocolate couverture with care. Secure and slow melting at low temperature are critical to creating a premium final product. Therefore, an electronic induction heating device is used. These chocolate melters do not use water – this not only reduces the risk of polluting your high-quality couverture with water, but also increases accuracy and stability by offering an electronic temperature control.

Accurate Temperature Control

The heating device within the system is mounted on both the bottom and sides to produce gentle and even heating of the removable stainless-steel pan. Temperatures can be easily controlled and set in a range from 5 to 65 degrees Celsius. A built-in electric thermostat holds desired temperatures with supreme precision. Mol d’Art devices are known to be extremely stable and reliable, making them the number one choice for chocolate melting and tempering.


All devices have a strong, lightweight body made of plastic and constructed using state of the art integrated electronic circuits. They come complete with a removable stainless-steel dish which makes them easy to handle and clean. A strong plastic removable lid is also included to protect your chocolate from unwanted environmental influences during processing or melting.


  • A strong lightweight body
  • Removable stainless-steel dishes which are easy to maintain and operate
  • Design, electronics, and construction of the device ensure preservation of the characteristics of the couverture
  • Easily operated and maintained
  • Utilizing indirect induction heating, this creates greater safety, hygiene, and secure temperature control during every stage of the production process
  • Accurate setting of desired temperature
  • Low power consumption
  • 3kg, 6kg, 12kg, 24kg3 x 3kg, and 15kg options