Organic in food is a term used to describe foods grown without aid of genetic engineering or synthetic assistance. Organic foods must adhere to specific standards that are regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Organic products are made from materials produced by organic agriculture and can play just as big of a role as ingredients when it comes to organic baking.


It's not just the product or process but the entire baking system in your kitchen or bakery that you're trying to change when you want to convert from conventional to organic baking. 

In organic baking, certain ingredients go out the window, and are no longer options. In conventional baking, these ingredients allow for broader parameters in the baking process. Allowing some leeway when creating your bakes. For example, conventional bakers can over mix dough whereas organic bakers do not have that luxury, an over-mixed dough can easily ruin your bake in either example, however it's easier to do with organic recipes. In addition, equipment and processes may also require more attention for acceptable quality and shelf life. 

Compared to traditional metal baking pans, Panibois is a dream, making them the best, non toxic baking pans in the industry. These wooden organic baking molds can increase productivity, increase sales, and it adds a unique artisan touch which is ideal for any bakery pushing an organic lifestyle.

The Process: 

Panibois wooden baking molds are created using Aspen trees, which are maintained and regulated using reforestation. The molds are cut and folded then set to dry. Each mold comes with a unbleached parchment paper which means your baking paper is untreated and totally chlorine-free. 

Baking is super easy as the wooden molds allow you to prep, proof, freeze, bake, and serve all without transferring product around or touching it additional times. 

Cleanup is a breeze; you can either serve your bakes directly in the mold you just baked in, or you can re-use the mold another time.

In addition, Panibois are customizable, we will digitize and engrave your logo or phrase in house and personally engrave each mold individually using laser technology. Digitizing and engraving in house guarantees high quality logos and a quick turn-around on orders.

In all, Panibois offers an organic and artisan touch, little to no clean-up, they are great for marketing your business, and are super easy to use. Check out our latest video recipe for an idea on just how easy it is to bake in Panibois. 

Stepping into the realm of organic baking can be beneficial, organic foods may offer higher nutritional value than conventional baking methods. The reason: the absences of pesticides and fertilizers cause plants to boost their production of phytochemicals (vitamins and antioxidants) that strengthen their resistance to the natural elements (bugs and weeds for example).

The environment is also be greatly impacted by organic farming methods and using organic products. Pollutants are reduced in groundwater, decreases in pesticides used, also, organic farming uses 50 percent less energy than conventional farming methods.  

Another great addition to organic products, especially Panibois, is the fact that it is a 100% biodegradable product. Decreasing the amount of waste being sent to landfills can help us reach our goal of a zero waste future. Of course, if your Panibois do end up somewhere, microorganisms can completely break them down or they will decompose naturally. This non-toxic ovenware is the best option if you're looking for a change.

In all, with many bakeries moving toward organic baking methods, now is the time to convert to organic baking yourself. You don't just want to use the ingredients but you want to stand out from others by using organic products as well!