Panibois FAQS

Panibois wooden baking molds are sourced from sustainable poplar forests and are manufactured in Nice, France. 

With over 25 different options for baking, serving, and displaying your baked goods, Panibois strives to create and offer innovative products for businesses, home cooks, gifting, and for personalized events and planning.

Below you'll find some important FAQS to consider when purchasing or baking in Panibois wooden baking molds.


How do I bake in Panibois? 

You'll want to use Panibois molds like any traditional metal baking pan you've used in the past, although Panibois are much more viable -- Feel free to proof, refrigerate, freeze, steam, or microwave all in the same mold. The wooden molds hold some moisture still and bake primarily through convection which offers even heating. Our molds can be baked up to 450°F or about 232°C in a conventional oven.

Should I bake hotter or longer?

Our molds do not bake exactly like metal pans. Since wood exhibits very low thermal conductivity compared to metal pans, you'll find that you may need to bake a little bit longer then normal. Convection is the primary baking force behind Panibois which means even heating throughout. Since the thermal conductive point is so low on wood, you can pull a mold out of a 450°F oven with your bare hands. 

Of course, we recommend you play around to find your perfect baking point but you can generally bake at the same temp for around the same time to achieve your desired results. 

Can I reuse the same mold? 

Yes, of course! Each single mold will come with a single liner, for instance if you order a case of 100 molds you'll also receive 100 liners. These double sided silicon liners are waterproof which let you pour liquids into our molds, say to make a quiche. We suggest that you replace the liner after baking if you want to reuse the mold. Additional liners are available for purchase here.

Are your products eco-friendly? 

Our products are FSC certified, sourced from sustainable forests, and will make a great impression on customers who support ethical and eco-conscious efforts. In addition, every mold is created using 100% untreated wood, is 100% biodegradable, and 100% recyclable. 

Do your molds have lids? 

Almost every mold has a lid option, which you can find here. Unfortunately the lids do not snap-on rather set and hold in place. We recommend securing with twine or using your imagination to create your ideal presentation. Below is a look at a few ways customers have utilized our molds for packaging their goods.