• 100% pure fibers, genuine parchment paper free of any chemical
  • Rolled-edge technology increases durability and strength
  • Stands temperatures up to 430° F, freeze to -40°F
  • Silicon coating for easy release
  • Suitable on production lines - easy automatic unstacking
  • Internal spiral structure for better resistance
  • Metal detection not required
  • Oil and moisture proof
  • Odorless molds for a better taste
  • Stiff and fold resistant
  • Safe cooking without drying food

Technobake is excited to welcome our new line Bio Food Pack. This new and innovative cooking technology was created to be cost efficient, easy to use, and eco-friendly. 

Not only are the molds created from natural products, they are the perfect fit for food industries, bakers, and individuals. Not only will your products represent a natural look, but the Bio Food Pack makes for an excellent alternative to aluminum.  

The entire range is manufactured in paper in order to bake your salty or sweet recipes. The molds are suitable to bake any product inside including several different shapes and sizes. 


  • Several shapes and sizes available
  • Made in greaseproof natural paper
  • No release agent needed before baking
  • Both a display, baking, and serving product
  • Faster and respectful cooking flavors
  • Suitable for traditional or microwave ovens
  • Optimal, homogeneous and quick baking
  • Compostable
  • Biodegradable
  • Made in France

Made from genuine vegetable parchment paper (GVP) our new Bio Food Pack molds are the number one paper baking product. GVP has the best resistance to the oven and is pure and safe for direct food contact.

Interested in trying a sample of Bio Food Pack? Email us today for more information