Artisanal Bread and Herbs


From home cooks to executive chefs, hotels, and bakeries, Panibois makes it easy to prep, bake, and serve your favorite meals, breads or pastries; all in one easy to use mold. We here at Technobake were lucky enough to team up with cooking and pastry chef Vincent Catala. This month he has created Artisanal Bread and Herbs for us here at Technobake! Follow us and Vincent Catala through this entire process, from prepping to baking in his Cocotte mold to serving this delicious looking bread. Be sure to follow and like us on Facebook and Instagram for updates and check back in each month for more delicious recipes curated by Chef Catala. Check out the downloadable PDF below if you'd like to add this to your recipe book, and as always enjoy!



Fermented Dough

  • 250g Patent Flour King Arthur
  • 146g Cold Water ~65°F
  • 4g Fresh Yeast
  • 3g Sea Salt

Farms Bread Dough

  • 500g Artisan Flour King Arthur
  • 180g Cold Water ~65°F
  • 118g Whole Milk
  • 34g Olive Oil
  • 12g Fresh Yeast
  • 8g Smoke Salt
  • 124g Fermented Dough
  • 25g Sour Cream

Bread Garnish

  • 60g Arugula
  • 25g Basil
  • 20g Taragon
  • 5g Sage
  • 2g Thyme
  • 2g Oregano
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • Black Pepper
  • 25g Parmesan



  • Make the  fermented dough by mixing all the ingredients, until you get a smooth and shiny dough, then make a breakdown (breakdown and rotation movement with the dough that will incorporate air inside).
  • Cool for 24 hours in a fridge before use.
  • Make the vegetable garnish, incorporate all ingredients except parmesan in a hot pan for one minute with olive oil and seasoning, let cool before use.  

For the Peasant Bread Base

  • Make a ring with all the dry ingredients
  • Cut the fermented dough in pieces.
  • Incorporate the liquid masses (pay attention to temperature of the water) add dry yeast at the base about 70% because it's easier to regulate the consistency of the bread. 
  • Make an intense kneading to obtain a smooth and shiny mass, at this point incorporate the filling and the rest of the liquid and continue mixing.
  • Leave dough to rest for about 30 minutes.
  • Fold dough to incorporate air into it and place the dough into the panibois mold (250g per mold).
  • Let the bread grow 155°F and 50% humidity for 30min. 
  • Then start cooking for 20 min at 465 oven and ventilate with 2 water injection. 
  • Remove from oven and brush with olive oil
  • ENJOY!

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