Panibois is one of the most useful and versatile tools a baker could ever use. Not only are they useful, the wooden baking molds are 100% biodegradable, created using 100% non-treated wood and come complete with a waterproof silicone liner for use in the oven, microwave or freezer. 

Panibois molds are not only an attractive and natural product to present your cakes and bakes in, but they meet really important, ethical and sustainable principles that matter in today's world. Panibois baking molds are used extensively across France for baked goods. They are food industry compliant and they are ideal when you are baking commercially! Aside from our wholesale option in which we offer price breaks, customization options, and free ground shipping in the United States, we also offer smaller discovery packs for domestic bakers. Whether you want to explore Panibois or are in a crunch for large family events, wedding shower, or a  graduation we offer a solution for everyone.

The versatility of Panibois is what appeals to so many bakers and cooks, you aren't limited to just baked goods (like breads) you can prepare, bake, and serve: cakes, crumbles, ready meals, terrines, quiches or even use them as an attractive salad container. Panibois are a delightfully rustic way to package and present a lovingly baked gift

Simply put, Panibois wood baking molds are the biodegradable alternative to the foil container. Aside from the beautiful engraved presentation, they are the ethical and sustainable option that most people find appealing. From oven to table, Panibois wood baking molds come in many shapes and sizes to suite your every need. Each size has it's own name representing French heraldry such as the Petit Prince or the Marquis. 

Another amazing aspect about Panibois is that it is the go-to option for affordable branding and marketing. Bakers, Casinos, Hotels, and even Baseball Teams, have used Panibois to market themselves while serving up delicious baked goods. We laser engrave our molds in house and deliver to you in one to three weeks (depending on order quantity). This means you are not only receiving your product in a timely manner, but also that each mold is quality checked twice over and handled by our staff who have hand engraved thousands and thousands of molds.

After receiving a jpg, png, pdf, eps, or ai file of your logo, we will test engrave and send you an image so you can confirm your satisfaction. Once approved we work hard to complete your order, customer service is one of our largest values (so we aim to please). 

Think of our molds like this, you not only get a super easy to use, efficient, affordable, and ethical baking mold but it is also an easy way to brand yourself, a to-go box, a display piece, a no-mess substitution, the perks go on and on....

Try us out, pick up a discovery pack or even a sample pack from our site, we will ship to you FREE(use code SHIP18 at checkout), and let us know what you think. We love feedback and we look forward to seeing how you use Panibois wood baking molds.