Panibois Customization

Signature products deserve a signature presentation.

You can personalize your Panibois molds with your logo or custom text. Nearly all of the Panibois products are available for customization! Brand our baking molds with your logo for added exposure and a unique look. Not only does Panibois make prepping, baking, and serving your goods easier, it can also add that unique artisan touch you've been searching for. 


custom engraved wooden baking molds with business logo

Not only are you prepping and baking your goods in an individual mold, but you are serving your baked goods in it as well. Leave a lasting impressions with our laser engraved personalization.

From brand logos, to phrases, hashtags, and special events, we can do it all. Not only do we offer customization of molds but also our tapas and pizza boards, rings, and crates.


Frequently Asked Questions


How does customizing Panibois work?

After you've uploaded your logo and placed an order with customization we will begin to digitize and engrave a sample proof. We will email you a photo of the image for approval or adjustments.

Once the final design is approved we will save the template for future use/orders and begin the customization process. 

Customization can take anywhere from 3-10 business days. We place each mold by hand and engrave molds individually to ensure high quality and consistency throughout your entire order. 

How do I setup my logo for engraving? 

After selecting which mold(s) you're interested in you'll have an option to checkmark a box to begin personalization.

When prompted with “Do you have a logo setup with us?” select “no” to begin your upload. Upload your logo file, either a jpg, png, tif, eps, ai or pdf file and choose whether you want personalization on one or two sides (please note that we can do different logos on each side, email us for more information). Be sure to select the additional options *Logo Position* or *Express Engraving* for rush orders.

Shortly after your order is placed, we will begin digitizing your file for our laser to easily read. We will then submit a photo proof of your logo engraved on a mold. Once approved we push your entire order into production, each mold is hand fitted for engraving insuring quality and consistency on customization. From a brand-new order being placed with a new logo setup, digitization and engraving can take anywhere from 3-10 business days.

Please note:

We may have limited space for customization based on your choice of baking mold and size or shape of your logo. Keep in mind that a large logo or a logo with small print might not be suitable for smaller mold styles. We can adjust your logo to fit any mold size if necessary, but some specific portions of the logo may need to be amended. We will be in constant contact and send image proofs for approval before we proceed with any new orders. 

After paying your one-time logo setup fee, we will make any necessary adjustments at no charge to you.

If you are interested in purchasing two different mold styles and are uploading a logo for the first time, be sure to select “No (one-time digitization setup fee)” on one mold option and “Yes” under the other when prompted with “Do you have a logo already setup with us?” This will insure that you are paying for the setup fee only one time when customizing your order.

What color will my custom engraved logo be? 

Logos are laser engraved on our wooden molds. This will result in a rustic looking logo with slight variation around hex #9b7d5b.

Will the logo dull?

Logos are laser etched into the wood and can not be smeared or scratched off. The logo will not dull after time, especially if you are to bake in the same mold multiple times. Our laser machine burns off the topmost layer of wood and singes the base leaving a beautiful rustic wood finish for your logo. 

How do I know what my logo will look like?

We will send proofs before we move forward with any new logo orders. To get an idea of what your logo might look like, follow the link below. 

How much does a logo cost? 

Our logo fees include a one-time $75 setup fee for any logo, please note that this logo can then be used on any mold option available, including boards, crates, rings, and specialty items. After digitization you'll incur a price per engraving fee. One-side engraving on basic molds cost $0.20 per mold with double sided engraving available for $0.35 per mold (prices vary for boards, crates, and specialty items). 

I don't have a logo but I would like a phrase engraved.

Please send us an email or give us a call, we can digitize and engrave anything you can imagine, the skies the limit.

Can I use these for my event?

Panibois are made for large events. Serve up goods in customized molds with phrases or hashtags of your choice. Not only is presentation key but Panibois help reduce cleanup and prep time. Prepare your goods, freeze, defrost and bake when ready. 

Can I reuse an engraved mold?

Yes you can! We do however recommend you replace the liner. We've had customers use the same mold up to 7 times before replacing the mold itself, noting that the wood begins to darken a bit. This makes your custom Panibois perfect for prepping large orders and reducing clean-up times.


 Want to see your logo on Panibois? 


Upload your logo and preview what your molds may look like by following this link. This website will give you a brief look at what your logo will look like. Remember that we can adjust size and placement of your logo based on your preferences. 

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