Vincent Catala is a French chef from the South of France. With 20 years of experience in France and abroad. He is both a cooking chef and a pastry chef. He excels with balance in these two universes. Vincent is not unknown to the media in France and abroad. He has directed various television programs in France, Morocco and Canada. He has appeared in many French newspapers including the famous Thuriès Magazine. His love for the Gastronomy came from his great-grandmother, whom he liked to watch cook. She transmitted her love for the product and showed him how to sublimate it while respecting nature.

10 years later he decided to deepen his knowledge in pastry making. He graduated in 2007 as a pastry chef. His career as a pastry chef was launched.
Vincent cultivates the taste for excellence. For him his dishes are never perfect.
Attached to the country of his childhood: The South of France with his Mediterranean cuisine, it never misses an opportunity to recall it in his dishes. Vincent is keen to use local and seasonal products. He likes to bring a floral touch to his salty and sweet dishes.

Vincent has a great heart, he likes to convey his passion and do not hesitate to help others. He participated in a charity work with the profile of the victims of a natural disaster in the south of France in 2015. Every year he has participated for 8 years at the International Festival of Gastronomy in France to make demonstrations and culinary workshops. It is quite naturally that he decided to move towards teaching to pass on his passion and talent to the greatest number. Thus, he became chief pastry chef at Gastronomicom France and then 6 months later at Gastronomicom Miami.

Today, Vincent is totally fulfilled, he teaches pastry and French cuisine in Miami to professionals and nonprofessionals.

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