How many times can I reuse a wooden baking mold?

We’ve had chefs tell us they have used the same mold 10 times before replacing. Granted, we aren’t sure what temperature they were baking at or how long they were baking for. If you want to reuse your Panibois just make sure you replace the double-sided silicone liner. We sell these separately if you planned on re-using your molds.

Why would you re-use them, you might ask?

For one, no cleanup. You toss your liner, replace it with a new one and you’re ready to bake again. Second, they are pretty great to bake in, the wood holds moisture and doesn’t heat like traditional pans leaving your bakes a little moister than traditional metal pans. Three, prepping in advance, freezing or throwing your bake in the fridge, pulling it out and baking directly in the same mold. It’s just easy and it makes sense.

What if I don’t want to reuse them?

No worries, a ton of bakeries, restaurants, hotels, and casinos will bake and serve in the same mold. That’s another great convenience that comes with Panibois. If you customize your mold and serve in it, your marketing yourself or your brand. You aren’t just serving in a customized paper food tray, you’re prepping, baking, and serving all in the same customized mold. Are you a catering business that want to get your name out to consumers attending the event? Order a set of customized Amuse Bouche molds that have your logo engraved on the side. Are you getting married? Order a set with your wedding hashtag for guests. Or engrave your mold with table numbers and serve bread inside them to keep an artisanal feel.