Not only are you prepping and baking your goods in an individual mold, but you are serving your goods in it as well - so why not leave a lasting impression? With our laser engraved personalization, we are able to take almost any logo and adapt it to fit on our baking molds.


Will the logo dull?

Logos are custom engraved into the wood and can not be smeared or scratched off. The logo will not dull after time, especially if you bake in the same mold multiple times. Our laser machine will burn off the topmost layer of the wood and singe the base leaving a beautiful dark wood finish for your logo.


What color is the logo?

Logo's are laser engraved into the wood which results in a darker value. 


Setup is easy

When prompted “Do you have a logo setup with us?” select “no” to begin your upload while selecting your mold style. Upload your logo file, either a jpg, png, tif, eps, ai or pdf file and choose whether you want personalization on one or two sides (please note that we can do different logos on each side, email us for more information). That is all you need to do; we will do the rest.

Shortly after your order is placed, we will begin digitizing your file for our laser to easily read. Once digitized we will email a digital proof of your logo for approval.

Once approved we push your case into production. Each mold is hand fitted for engraving insuring quality and consistency on customization. From a brand-new order being placed with a new logo setup, digitization and engraving can take anywhere from 5-10 business days.


Please note

We may have limited space for customization based on your choice of baking mold and size of logo. Keep in mind that a large logo or a logo with small print might not be suitable for smaller mold styles. We can adjust your logo to fit any mold size if necessary, but some specific portions of the logo may have to be amended.

After paying for logo setup, we will make any necessary adjustments at no charge to you.

If you are interested in purchasing two different mold styles and are uploading a logo for the first time, be sure to select “No (one-time digitization setup fee)” on one mold option and “Yes” under the other when prompted with “Do you have a logo already setup with us?” This will insure that you are paying for the setup fee only one time when customizing your order.

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