Can you actually bake in a wooden pan just like you would a metal one?

Yes! Panibois is your eco-friendly solution to baking; and yes, they are made out of wood. Our biodegradable baking molds come from sustainable Aspen forests and are manufactured in France. 

Okay wood is cool, they are organic and biodegradable but what are the other perks? 

Aside from those, our baking molds are super convenient not only saving you time when it comes to cleanup, but also offering an artisan touch to your bakes. 

We all know you can order paper containers with a logo printed on them, but you can only serve in those. With Panibois molds you can have your company logo, brand, hashtag, handle, quote etc. engraved directly on your molds.

We’re sure you know, as a baker, cook or caterer, prepping before events or the start of the day can be tough, especially when everything needs to be completed in a timely manner. With Panibois you can prep and freeze before you bake. Our bake pans are freezer, steamer, microwave, and bake safe. From -40°F to 500°F (for 20 minutes) you can use them for almost anything. Every mold comes with a double-sided silicone liner which means you can even pour liquids in.

In addition, Panibois molds are also reusable. Just replace the baking liner and you're set. This makes them great for prepping large amounts, because you just have to replace the liner. You no longer have to focus on an extended cleanup after baking.