Whether wood or paper your disposable bakeware molds do not require any form of greasing. This is due to the fact that our baking molds come with a double-sided silicone liner, whereas the interior of disposable paper bakeware often sports a silicone non-stick finish. This allows your baked goods to pull away easily, regardless of prior greasing.

Of course, these aren’t exactly your traditional metal baking pan so it’s always safe to bake a proof in one of the molds before you settle on a whole batch. Your disposable bakeware doesn’t heat like metal does so whatever you end up baking may need a few extra minutes.

The disposable paper and wood bakeware are designed to be a part of the presentation; to “Bake and Serve” your goods in without the mess of cleaning up and having to wash your metal bakeware. The disposable molds are a rigid freestanding construction and are available in a large variety of shapes and sizes.

Disposable baking molds are freezer, microwave, steamer, and oven safe. Wood molds bake up to 500°F (20 minutes) and freeze to -40°F. You can prep and freeze your goods and bake later in the same mold or just microwave and serve.

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