Medium Wooden Tart Rings (8" x 1'' high)

WOODEN TART RINGS: Panibois 1" Tall Wooden Tart Rings - Medium - 8" dia.

The Wooden tart rings are easy to use, practical and environmentally friendly for preparing, freezing, cooking and serving in the same ring. From - 40°C to 240°C in any type of oven. Silicone are available for each size as well!
Don't forget to grease the inside of your ring before using it! Butter will do the trick!
  • Oven (480°F), steamer, microwave and freezer safe
  • Fully biodegradable / Chemical-free / Non-toxic
  • Made in France
  • Medium | 7.87" x 1" | Qty. 180 (#TA20025)

The pictures from Nancy Goemans with Montana creative. To see more pictures, please visit The Pie Junkie