When it comes to creating consistent and high-quality chocolates you don’t want to skimp out when it comes to equipment. Think of your equipment like your support system, if you have an item that is providing you with the best, time and time again, it will allow you to produce the best, time and time again.

This is what pastry chef and sugar artist Daniel Corpus had in mind when he decided to invest in a Mol d’Art chocolate melter from us here at Technobake. And you’ll see soon enough, but it looks like the results speak for themselves.

“Investing in my 6 kg Mol d’Art melter from you guys, has really been one of my best decisions this past year. It has really helped with efficiency, and I cannot believe how much I use it.” – Daniel Corpuz

Chef Corpuz uses his Mol d’Art melter to not only melt but also temper the chocolate he uses to create his delicious bonbons. In this image, he is creating bonbon shells using Valrhona’s Caraibe 66% chocolate Fèves. “Making thin shells require vigorous tapping to get rid of excess chocolate.” The 6 kg stainless steel pan being used is easy to remove from the melter itself, so you don’t get the main component dirty. This also allows you to take your tempered chocolate closer to where you’re producing your product.

Remember when we said his work speaks for itself? Well this is exactly what we meant. These are a result of his hard work and skill. The caramel filled bonbons include his favorite color and are one of Corpuz’s favorite designs.

During quarantine, and while self-isolating, Chef Corpuz has been producing a lot of his chocolate work at home. One of the best parts about our countertop chocolate melters is that they make it easy to work whether in a business or home setting. This beautiful showpiece called ‘Waves’ was inspired by the work of Chef Stephane Leroux and Chef Yam Lok Hin. “The waves are present through the flow of the piece and are accompanied by the cocoa butter painting.

We had to save the best for last. This sculpture sits just over 7ft tall and weighs in around 53kg of chocolate. For those of us who don’t feel like doing the math this showpiece weighs in at over 116 pounds. Yes, this is a human worth of chocolate, and it is incredible. Named ‘Screen Door’ this piece was inspired by a hotel decoration Chef Corpuz saw while he was in Beijing, China. Surprisingly, it is his second tallest showpiece. He was able to work on this thanks to the L’Ecole Valrhona in Brooklyn but also worked on it at home.

If you’d like to learn more information about our Mol d’Art chocolate melters be sure to check out our guide to Mol d’Art here. If you’re interested in seeing more of Chef Daniel Corpuz’s work drop his page a like on Facebook and be sure to follow him on Instagram @danielcorpuz.