Panibois is the inventor and manufacturer of wooden baking molds and also manufactures a collection of wooden items including gift crates, baskets, and utensils. Headquartered and manufactured in northern France, Panibois has been making goods from 100% non-treated, natural poplar veneer since 1995.

Innovating their patented gluing technology to replace the dangerous staples used in existing wooden bakeware, Panibois has grown rapidly and today their baking molds can be found in a complete range of square, rectangular, and octagonal shapes. Additionally, they also manufacture tart, pie, and torte rings. All molds are fully bakeable up to 500°F!

Panibois products are available in 30 countries with a range of 25 different models marketed to bakers, pork butchers, delicatessen dealers, fine food, cheese producers and retailers. For ideas about how to use Panibois, check out our video page!