Common Questions

We're here to highlight some of the most commonly asked questions. If you still have any, please contact us at


Q: Wait, so these are baking molds? 

A: We've attended many food shows recently and this may the most common question we're asked. Most may perceive Panibois as just a serving container but it is way beyond that. Prep, proof, bake, freeze, steam, or microwave in our FDA compliant, food grade and food safe Panibois baking molds. 

Q: Bake up to what? 

A: Panibois bakes up to 500°F for 20 min before discoloration will start to occur.

Q: Freeze to? 

A: -40° F

Q: Reusable?

A: Yes, replace the liner and reuse the mold.

Q: How many times can I reuse a mold? 

A: We've had chefs use the same mold more than 10 times, however we recommend a maximum of 4 before discoloration may occur.

Q: Are the liners included?

A: Yes, each mold in a case will have a liner to match, if you buy a case of 100 Archiduc molds you'll also receive 100 liners.

Q: Additional liners?

A: We sell liners by themselves, get more by visiting the link here.

Q: Do I need to butter the liner?

A: Not necessarily, it will obviously be easier to remove any bakes however it isn't required. 

Q: Can I pour liquid into the molds? 

A: Yes, just use a liner. They are double sided waterproof silicone liners. Pour in a liquid and bake. 

Q: Where do they come from? 

A: Panibois are manufactured in and imported from France.

Q: What type of wood is it?

A: Panibois are made from Aspen wood (think match sticks)

Q: Can you engrave anything for customization?

A: Yes, literally anything you want, we do it in house, just ask us.

Q: What's turnover rate on customizing molds?

A: Depending on quantity ordered, when we receive the logo, and how long it takes for you to confirm our proofs it can take up to a week for customized molds to be shipped, however we usually complete as soon as possible (a ideally a couple days). 

Q: Can I customize crates and boards? 

A: Absolutely, yes 

Q: What's the minimum order on customization?

A: The minimum is a single case of any baking mold, for boards and crates we will customize any amount.

Q: When can I contact you? 

A: Customer service is available 24/7 at or call us Mon-Fri from 7:30-4 at 636.278.1799

Q: So these are organic?

A: Yes, absolutely

Q: Biodegradable?

A: You got it. 

Q: How many can I get?

A: As many as you like, cases range from 100 to 500 molds.

Q: Is there a minimum order number? 

A: No minimum, no maximum, if you want a discovery pack of 20 or a few pallets equaling 20,000 we will take care of you. 

Q: Where can I find them?

A: We sell primarily online but we have distributors all over the world, we are also in Whole Foods, and other retail stores throughout the United States.

Q: I'm not sure if I want to spend the money without trying them first. 

A: Reach out to us to receive a free sample kit, this comes with each type of baking mold so you can explore your options. 

 Q: Do you offer utensils? 

A: We do offer biodegradable knives, forks, and spoons and you can find them here.

Q: Do you offer tart and torte rings?

A: Absolutely, follow this link

Q: Do the molds have lids?

A: Each mold has a cardboard lid to match, they do not snap but can be easily tied down and make for great presentation.

Q: Where are you based out of? 

A: Our warehouse and office is located in St.Louis, Missouri

Q: I'm interested in becoming a distributor, is this possible?

A: Of course, contact us at to inquire

Q: Do you have any recipes I could use?

A: Yes, check out our recipe section under "Panibois Recipes" section above or click here. We offer video recipes and standard recipes as well

Q: Do you have any special offers?

A: We do! Subscribe to our newsletter to receive specials, we only send one or two emails a month so you don't have to worry about spam. 

Q: Can I find you on Instagram?

A: Please follow us @technobake we share a ton of great content. Tag us as well to be featured using #panibois!


If you'd like to read a bit more about Panibois you can find additional information by clicking here.